With the continually increasing popularity of so-called non-conventional species also increases the need of the veterinarian to take advantage of advanced and increasingly efficient diagnostic tools. So at La Cittadina Fondazione Studi e Ricerche Veterinarie was established a working group dedicated to exotic animal diseases with particular attention to the type of tomographic advanced diagnostics (CT and MR). Thanks to the speed of the equipment installed you can accomplish in a very short time total body examinations without sedation or general anesthesia. Different methods of physical restraint for each species have been developed so that this type of investigation can be performed safely within a few seconds. The combined study of CT and MRI allows to obtain both accurate representations of the soft and hard tissues, often without the use of intravenous contrast.This aspect is particularly important in cases where its administration is very difficult (eg, very small exotic animals or easily stressed by the manual restraint need the intravenous access to be established). As an example of the diseases that benefit most from these methods, we recall, relative to the rabbit and rodent dental disorders, neurological and oncological, ferrets and birds in relation to neoplastic diseases. With regard to the interest of oncology, examination combined CT and MRI is very useful to perform the annual extension and staging of the disease.


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