RADIOTHERAPY La Cittadina Fondazione Studi e Ricerche Veterinarie was established on the basis of the Neuroscience section and the new Oncology and Radiotherapy sections. Although radiation therapy has been successfully used for a long period of time in the treatment of tumors in animals, for the first time in Veterinary Medicine the new technological level became possible, previously available only at major referral centers of Human Medicine. 

MEDICAL PHYSICS La Cittadina Fondazione Studi e Ricerche Veterinarie was initiated as part of the institutional collaboration with the Azienda Ospedaliera Spedali Civili of Brescia, the Laboratory of Health Physics, held by two specialists in Medical Physics, including one full-time.  Such activities are carried out in Laboratory: dosimetry, development and use of complex techniques and equipment for radiotherapy, as well as daily, monthly and annual quality controls related to radiotherapeutic methods.

NEUROSCIENCE The Foundation is a center for the study of the oncological and Nervous System diseases with a strong clinical sign. The unique in Italy high-field MR and Linear particle accelerator with micro multilamellar collimator in clinical veterinary, the Foundation provides its service referring both to the Vet exam (first level test) structures with low-field MRI equipment exam (consulting).

DEPARTMENT OF ONCOLOGY At the Department of Oncology patients with neoplastic diseases are treated. Depending on prearranged treatment plan the hospitalization of patients with cancer can be outpatient, residential hospital stay (apartments for owners and animals) or inpatient at the department of oncology in the custody of the tutor. At the department are performed the chemotherapy treatments in an environment with filtered air under the laminar flow hood.

MRI 1.5T – MAGNETIC RESONANCE  Compared to the widely accepted in the veterinary low-field MRI scanners, the high-field MR release a very scenic examination in a short time (a few minutes), often avoiding the anesthesia, and particularly by providing accurate and useful diagnostic material for the clinic.

64-slice CT - COMPUTERIZED TOMOGRAPHY The new 64-slice CT allows to provide 3D exams with representation of color codes. The acquisition through vast matrix allows high resolution imagery. The speed of the device makes  possible the total-body examinations for all patients, thus guaranteeing the ease in balance of extension and during staging procedure of diffuse lesions, as well as in finding unsuspected lesions on the basis of clinical data. 



SURGERY The surgical section is operating at La Cittadina Fondazione Studi e Ricerche Veterinarie in neurosurgery and oncology. There are accomplished the following operations: of cranial and spinal neurosurgery, of surgical oncology within appendical, surgery for soft tissue sarcoma, surgery for head and neck cancer, surgery of pelvic-perineal and urogenital areas.

CLINIC FOR EPILEPSY AND EXOTIC ANIMALS  At La Cittadina Fondazione Studi e Ricerche Veterinarie two expert working groups were established, such as:

  • a working group concentrated on epilepsy in dogs and cats;
  • a working group concentrated on the diseases of exotic animals, with special attention to the diagnostic part of advanced tomography (CT and MRI).




ISO 9001 AND NATIONAL RESEARCH REGISTER As a testament of the quality achieved and achievements in the field of neurological research and oncology, the Centre has obtained the quality certification of the entire business activities in accordance with ISO 9001 at its first inspection control and registration in National Research Register at the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research. All diagnostic and therapeutic equipment is a subject of bimonthly scheduled maintenance performed directly by their manufacturers.

VETERINARY IMAGING & RADIOTERAPY The intent to produce a magazine dedicated to Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Radiotherapy in Veterinary fulfills the need to provide a source of reference for all veterinarians who are interested in the study of these diagnostic and therapeutic methods in dogs, cats and exotic species.

At Foundation are operating: data management office, established to facilitate the collection and management of data from research programs and taken from the literature.

LIBRARY It's an updated supplement of scientific production to our Foundation.

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