Radiotherapy is one of the most advanced methods of neoplastic diseases treatment. To the proven therapeutic efficiency it adds: 

  • selective treatment of injured tissues;
  • painless therapy;
  • restrained side effects;
  • integration with the most advanced medical imaging techniques.  

The radiotherapy can be: 

  • radical (primary healing) as an alternative to surgery (organ preservation, inoperability);     
  • pre-operation adjuvant with a cytoreductive purpose (the achievement of operability);
  • intra-operation adjuvant;
  • post-operation adjuvant (to improve il controllo loco-regionale)
  • palliative treatment (to reduce painful neurological, haemorrhagic symptoms, dispnea).

The usage of finely collimated ionizing radiation affords to deal with tissues producing regression. The patient is not radioactive in any way and can perform a normal daily life. Thanks to software of the programming volumetric treatment and micro-multileaf collimator the method achieves a degree of precision that can provide in certain circumstances the same results as a surgical ablation (stereotactic radiotherapy).


 In order to exemplify only some of the oncological diseases treated by radiotherapy, including both primary curative and adjuvant, we can mention: 

  • cutaneous neoplasms (mastocytoma, squamous-cell carcinoma);
  • sarcoma of soft tissues (fibrosarcoma, hemangiopericytoma, lipoma, liposarcoma);
  • neoplasms of oral cavity (ameloblastoma ex-epulis acantomatosa, carcinoma, sarcoma, melanoma);
  • nasal and auricular neoplasms (carcinoma, sarcoma, linfoma);
  • salivary and thyroid neoplasms;
  • thoracic neoplasms (timoma, primary and secondary lung neoplasms);
  • abdominal and pelvic neoplasms (adrenal progressive neoplasms, tumours of trigone of the urinary bladder, lymphatic metastasis, retroperitoneal and pelvic sarcoma);
  • perianal neoplasia;
  • skeletal tumours;
  • nervous system tumours (meningioma, glioma, peripheral nerve sheath tumors) and pituitary tumours (macroadenoma).

    Radiotherapy has interesting extra-oncological indications such as:

  • antalgic therapy in progress of a very painful arthropathy;
  • prevention of post surgical fibrosis following by spine surgery;
  • treatment of spondylitis arthropathy.
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