The authorities of the Foundation are:

  • President; 
  • Vice-president;
  • Board of Directors;
  • Scientific Committee;
  • Audit office;
  • Appointed Committee.


    A President is the legal representative of the Foundation with all the rights relating to it including the power to elect general and special attorneys determining their duties and rights.

    Every year Presidente set up legislation of the Foundation’s activity and, General Secretary, if elected by the Board, monitors a good project performance, handles compliance of Statute and approvals inplementation of Board of Directors.

    In casa of absence or incapacity of a President, his responsibilities fulfils the Vice-President, which also is authorized to represent the Foundation as comparison with a third party.  


    The Foundation is governed by a board of directors consisting of a minimum of three to a maximum of seven members, who serve for three years and may be reappointed. The members of the first board of directors are appointed upon constitution of the Foundation.

    The foundators Dr. Luca Malfassi and Dr. Mario Giuseppe Dolera are life members of the board of directors. The board of directors may elect its own members the General Secretary.

    President and Vice-President remain in office lifetime and if one of them resigns, dies or go missing, other founding member replaces him. Only in case of lack of both, the Appointed Committee will replace them.

    The other members are elected by the Board of Directors by a simple majority, even if there is a veto of a founding member against someone of proposed candidates. The Board of Directors provides for the ordinary and extraordinary management of the Foundation and shall take any necessary action to achieve its purposes, the annual activity guideline is prescribed by the president.

    The Board of Directors in particular:

    • prepares and approves the budget and final accounts; 
    • decides on the acceptance of contributions, donations and bequests as well as purchases and sales of real estate and furniture; 
    • approves the ammendments to Statute with the presence and the favorable vote of at least two thirds of its members. 

    The Board of Directors meet without formalities of convocation in ordinary session at least twice a year and in extraordinary session whenever the President considers it appropriate or when requested by at least one-third of its members. The Board is effective with the presence of a majority of the members and the resolutions are valid when they are adopted by an absolute majority of those present: a tie vote, the vote of the President. No resolution will be implemented if, in order to it, one of the founders will have opposite its veto. 


    The Scientific Committee is chaired by the Vice President of the Foundation and consists of a minimum of three to a maximum of twelve members elected by the Board of Directors among the experts in the scientific fields covered by the purposes of the foundation. The Scientific Committee formulates proposals motivated by initiatives of the Foundation, expresses its opinion on grants, awards and scholarships, and expresses opinions on the activities submitted to it by the Board of Directors. The Scientific Committee meet once a year and may be convened whenever the President of the Foundation considers it appropriate.


    The Board of Auditors is composed of three members appointed by the Board of Directors among professionals registered in the register of auditors maintained by the Ministry of Justice; the Board of Auditors is elected for three years. It provides feedback to the financial management, ensure the regular maintenance of accounting records, conduct the audits of cash and submit a report on their budgets and final accounts.


    The Appointed Committee is composed of persons identified by the Board of Directors within one year of taking office. Only in case of absence of President and Vice-President, the Appointed Committee replaces them.

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