ISO 9001 

The Center has obtained the quality certification of the entire business activities in accordance with ISO 9001 after its first inspection.

The ISO 9001 standard has been produced by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) to define the requirements of the International Standard for Quality management.

Internationally recognized, the standard promotes customer satisfaction through constant improvement of the effectiveness of the systems. It defines the specific requirements for a Quality Management System that will improve the company's ability to deliver products or services on an ongoing basis and to meet the expectations of our customers. 

The evaluations and independent certification of a Quality Management System assure the market that the company is committed to effectively manage their own systems.

The ISO 9000 series of standards identify standards and guidelines offering a quality management system, designed to manage business processes to improve the efficiency of the organization as well as customer satisfaction.

The ISO 9001 is used for the definition of the requirements of quality systems.


The Center has obtained registration with the National Research Register at the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

The National Research Register is the database of the Ministry of Education, University and Research in which the relative news flow into, in whole or in part, with funds from the budget of the State or the financial statements of public entities, in order to avoid superimposition of facilities and funding and to monitor and evaluate research, to predict the impact of technologies.

The contents of the Register can be subdivided into two main branches:

  • Archive database: lists of agencies, foundations, private and public companies che that benefit from public funding; 
  • Record office of agencies: news relating to funded/co-funded researches with funds from the budget of the State or the financial statements of public entities.
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